Put time in your calendar for life this January


January Resolutions

Whether you believe in setting new years resolutions, lifetime goals or 24 hour challenges; the one thing we should all dedicate ourselves in doing is putting more time in our calendars for life. 

We all deserve the encouragement of pursuing our goals and striving to success, but maintaining a calm and content mindset is something many of us find quite difficult to achieve with such a busy and distracting timetable.

It’s that classic saying of “if you don’t read, you won’t gain” that we plan to live by for the month of January, the information / insight / inspiration that we encounter are all relevant in making the right calls at those specific times. Look beyond the everyday shit that we are so content in fulfilling our day with. Ask the question why leaving the rat race is becoming more appealing; finishing our studies, starting a career, having the pressure of expectations and aspirations building up and then wanting to “GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE”.

Stop day dreaming of the what if and start marking those goals in your new sparkly 2017 diary to push yourself even further than before. For the month of January we want to know how you’re going to make 2017 better than 2016, 2015, 2014… Get in touch, we’d love to hear what makes you tick. Follow the CBTHBN #UNEARTH series and please share with us any goal setting inspiration you may have stumbled upon either virtually or in real life.




  1. the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time.
  2. “the story captured the zeitgeist of the late 1960s”. 

A trend is the latest fashion, but over time may begin to fade away. A zeitgeist is a shift that will stay shifted. So how do I find my zeitgeist?

  1. Draw three circles
  2. First circle; write what you love doing
  3. Second circle; write your skill
  4. Third one; write what the zeitgeist is

Where these three circles overlap is where you’re most alive. The ambition is to build your company so that it lives in this intersection of the three circles because the chances of success are greater there. The likelihood of it making real change are greater. Within this intersection and the chance of it being more fun are greater there too.


We discovered this intensly wonderful article about mental toughness and the ‘Marathon Monks’ by James Clear, instantly caught in oar of this lesson of pure commitment.

This challenge was discovered in Kyoto, Japan along with the littered unmarked graves of the unsuccessful Tendai Buddhist monks whom have failed to complete the quest known as the Kaihogyo. We can learn so many lessons from this belief and life quality, yet we’re not saying that we should all pledge to take part in the Kaihogyo in 2017, instead use this incredible mental toughness to inspire your intensions.

If You Commit to Nothing, 

You’ll Be Distracted By Everything

The lesson to be learnt from this is as humans we can be hugely distracted from the task in hand, fighting with our inner demons to stay focused. Read the article for yourself by just follow the link, we promise you won’t be disspointed: http://jamesclear.com/mental-toughness-marathon-monks


Looking to take up a new sport? How about bodysurfing! 

Yup you heard us correctly. Surfing with your body. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried because this increasing popular extreme water sport is becoming quite the rage with those seeking an extension to their surfing lives. This may actually be surfing in it’s most purest form, if you can successfully nail the technique, but if you do find yourself struggling then alas a secret tool can be used. The hand-paddle.

Crafting this beautiful tool is an art in itself let alone with job it is intended for. The bodysurfing hand-paddle gives you greater control in the water alongside your trusty fins.

If we’ve got your attention then we advise you to take a look at this article about when to use a hand-paddle: http://www.theinertia.com/surf/a-bodysurfers-guide-when-to-use-a-handplane/


… then get out there, create your own adventure and enjoy.

“Handplanes turn weak mushy waves into a playground,” 
- WAW Handplanes founder, Rikki Gilbey


Still flicking through your Amazon wish list debating which 2017 diary to go for? Wish you had an excuse to buy them all? We sure do after stumbling across these beautiful diaries and planners from Present & Correct

Elegant, simple and a definitely head turning when you slide one of these beauties out of your bag in the desired work space.

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