Two twenty something best friends trying to find the answers to life. Design thinkers with outdoor dreams. Problem solving enthusiasts. Daydream travellers.

Creative by Trade, Human by Nature (CBTHBN) is an outlet to explore our whys, to turn day to day questions and ideas on their heads and present them in a new manner. Our thinking won't change the world or end global warming but we might just have an idea or a theory that is enough to encourage you to join us on our expedition. An expedition to live this life, to feel the grass beneath our toes and the sun on our cheeks. Not comfortable with settling for the everyday we strive for more and truly believe where there's a will there's a way. Why shouldn't the sky be our limit?


Say yes more than ever
Dream bigger than before
Put it out there, wherever there is
Change is great

At CBTHBN we challenge you to be daring, different, impractical. To take the road less travelled and enjoy every part of the journey wherever you may choose to take it.

We are creative by trade, and we are also human by nature.

...with great things in the pipeline make to join us on our voyage.