Spiritual, metaphysical & numerology meanings for the month of October.

We have given you a wide variety of spiritual halloween themed articles for the month of October and we hope you have enjoyed. We thought it would only be right to use our final article, dedicated to this well recognised date October 31st, to bring to light another Halloween treat. So, before you head out trick or treating we have one last thing to show you…


If you haven’t been aware of World Vision’s conquest already and are still toying with which Jack O’Lantern face to carve into your bright orange squash plant this year; then why not try something a little different which is fun and inspiring ❤.

The reason for the juxtaposition of ghastly ghouls and a heart shape is make bring awareness of the millions of children around the world facing real fear each and every night. Whether it is working on the streets of Lebanon from a very young or growing up immersed in poverty and fear in Uganda — Halloween is yet another night of danger, nightmares and uncertainty for these children.

World Vision has carefully crafted various information packs, real stories, stencils, competitions, events and much much more to make the national aware of the change that needs to happen.

Make your pumpkin a symbol of hope this Halloween.

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