Spiritual, metaphysical & numerology meanings for the month of October.

Throughout the month of October we have brought you notes all things spiritual, from number meanings and mindfulness to haunted reads and a Halloween special coming next week. This week however, we want to focus on something that is close to our own hearts and affects all of us. This week we would like to talk about being human, a raw instinct that in todays digital world we easily forget.


Ode to Lesvos’ is a beautiful and heart rendering set of short films made by Johnnie Walker. In 2015, Europe witnessed the single biggest migration of people since World War II. Hundreds of thousands have fled conflict in Syria and other countries with many attempting to cross the dangerous Aegean Sea in the hope of finding a safer tomorrow. Lesvos was one of the islands these people fled to and at CBTHBN when visiting the island we had the opportunity to see first hand the how the island and islanders handled this mass influx of people.

Desperation and determination were fierce in the faces of every person we came across, we were struck by how little these people who had travelled so far carried, many wore only the clothes on their backs, carrying at most a rucksack. They walked miles over the island, one of the larger of the Greek archipelago, starting from where they landed heading to the capital Mytilini to be registered. Many then hoped to be moved from Lesvos on to mainland Greece where they coulds start their journeys across Europe.

“All the people in the boat? They stood all their children in a line and each one came up and hugged and kissed me. That’s the Nobel Prize. It’s the greatest joy there is”

Most of use watched their stories unfold on mainstream media, hearing tales of over packed boats, without life jackets being discovered in the dead of night. From the safety of our sofas it is hard to imagine the plight these people have been through, what they have experienced that forced them to flee their homes with nothing. Unlike us, the people of Lesvos had first hand experience of the stories we saw unfolding. Unlike us, they couldn’t detach their lives from those of the people fleeing conflict, and unlike us, they reached out to help in any and every way they could.

Many of the islanders of Lesvos were nominated this year for the Nobel Peace Prize but to them they had done what any other person in their situation would do.

“We all have to do this, we have to help eachother. Not just in cases like this but generally all over the world…That’s just how it is. You have to help people because tomorrow you might be the one in need.” — Stratis

So this Monday at CBTHBN we would like to remind you that we are all human, and at different times in different ways, we will all need help. Let us remember to offer a helping hand or a friendly smile next time we see someone in need. Unearth your humanity.

The Ode to Lesvos series have been created by Johnnie Walker in support for the global humanitarian aid organization Mercy Corps.

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