Novembers glow of the autumnal lengthened nights

This time of year can make us feel nocturnal with the daily commute in darkness and only lunchtime to endeavour the autumnal light. With the dark slinking closer there is still wonders to be found from the birch tree pealing off in crisp to the blackberries staging colourful sideshow; green to red, purple to black. Nature is taking stock for the upcoming winter.

Light can become precious in autumn so we must stow these moment. Embrace the sun aligning on the winter solstice flooring the planet with an array of beautiful colours. Throughout the month of November we are getting inspired by all things colour, follow the CBTHBN #UNEARTH series and share your favourite colour themed ideas, materials and found objects.


Create your own natural autumnal ambiance with The Chromologist. Head outside and take note of the various tones and textures that the outside world is offering at this time of year.

Do you find the trees and foliage stop you in your tracks with their beautiful autumnal colour contrast? How about bringing these sources of inspiration into your own home working the tones in harmony together to create a charming home.

Mood boards are a great way of achieving warm harvest colours. You can either create you very own mood board the modern way via Pinterest, or our preferred way with good ol’ coloured pens, magazine cut outs, glue and paper. You can take inspiration from anything — pumpkins, acorns, hazelnuts, crisp leaves, misty skies. Get creative and see what you can come up with for the month of November.

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