Chasing Waterfalls on both sides of border

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Iguazu Falls sit right on the border of Brazil and Argentina, the river Iguazu literally carves the border between the two countries in this area. This in turn means you can visit the falls from either side, the Brazilian side makes up 20% of the waterfall whilst the rest sit on the Argentinian side. I started on Brazil side, fresh off the bus from Florianopolis before crossed the border into Argentina and visiting the opposite side the following day. Many people opt to only see one side but having done both I'm glad I did as each side offers an entirely different experience to this wonder of nature. In total, Iguazu Falls is formed of 275 Waterfalls and the amazing thing is that each of these unique in its appearance and scale. By no means did I see the full 275 and it also would have been impossible to count but even still what I did see was breathtaking.

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Hikes, Hurricanes and Hiding out in Florianopolis

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Florianopolis or Floripa as the locals like to call it is a town on the island of Santa Catarina about 12 hours from São Paolo, arriving off a night bus to Florianopolis town I caught the two local buses needed to get to my hostel in Barra de Lagoa on the islands east coast. Famed for its beaches and water sports I was looking forward to a few days on the beach whilst surfing, SUP'ing and hiking the local area. My hostel The Search House, was perfectly located to help with all these plans with a back door that opened straight onto Mocambique beach one of the local surf spots.

With the surf looking messy and clouds overhead I opted to spend my first day hiking Lagoinha do Leste in the south of the island with some people I met at the hostel. Hoping the clouds overheard wouldn't change to rain we set off for the bus station to catch the three buses needed to get us to the south of the island and the start of the trail.

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Stopover in São Paolo

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I hadn’t planned to stop in São Paolo and have to say following numerous recommendations from fellow travellers to skip it I didn’t have high hopes. However, in order to get to Florianopolis I would have to change buses in ‘Sampa’ as the locals call it and figured it would be wise to break up what looked to be an 18 hour coach journey. Arriving from Paraty at 6am the first thing I did was book my onwards bus to Florianopolis for the following night before getting the metro across town to my hostel in Vila Madalena. The metro I had been advised was easy to get around and I found it simple to understand and also safe, an added bonus. Arriving at the hostel I crashed out for a few hours before dragging my sleepy head downtown to join a free walking tour of the city.

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When Life Gives You Lemons

… do you make lemonade?

“proverbial phrase used to encourage optimism and positive ‘can-do’ attitude in the face of adversity or misfortune, whilst the lemons suggest sourness or difficult in life, the lemonade is a sweet drink.”

When we look at our own personal lives in perspective we don’t actually own our cars, houses, mobile phones or even our university degrees yet, but is this a bad thing? Even though these so called ‘important’ necessities in life aren’t actually belonging to us how important are they to us? We know one thing, we would rather own our creativity than the materialistic luxuries in life.

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Novembers glow of the autumnal lengthened nights


As designers colour does play an important role within our specialism as a form of communication by its universal messaging, getting the colour palette spot on before handing over the presentation folder to the client is like playing Russian Roulette. Colour plays an important role in the world we live in. It can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. It can irritate or soothe your eyes, raise your blood pressure or suppress your appetite. When used in the right ways, colour can even make sudden and life changes choices on the world. All in all colour is most truly irreplaceable, and with our pantone swatches forever growing our colour palette is going to continue to spoil us.

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Curiosity Killed The Cat, Ambition Killed…

You’ve had that trashy romantic novel sitting on your bedside table for nearly two months; yet every time you thumb the front cover a feeling of guilt rushes over you. Is that feeling due to the habit you ingrained within yourself to fill every spare minute of your day with a ‘productive’ or ‘purposeful’ task instead of allowing yourself pleasure. Stop pushing your passions aside and read the book!

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Why Press When You Can Push a Button

The importance of keeping the spirit of print alive

As human we have been making our marks since 300bc, using clay and cloth to communicate between one another through the motion of press, so when did it become second nature for us to push? In the early ages our ancestors would use illustrated shapes to not only communicate but also document and remember their experiences, we have always demonstrated creativity seeking any materials that would help craft our designs. The use of sap, soot, animal blood and glue were part of the artists tool box, not quite your Winsor & Newton watercolours but still accomplishing the same effect. These first attempts of humans using design as a method of communication is incredible when you think about how this is not to alien from how we do so in 2016, and all of this was before the wonders of paper was even born.

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Clarity vs Mystery

Power of Brand over the power of the brain

Being told something is good, great, the next best thing before you even experience it for yourself plants the seed setting your expectations. There is a lot of information out about consumerism, marketing strategies, brand values but we want to test the boundaries whether life should be lived with clarity instead of mystery, and visa versa , or whether we should become adaptable to both. We have found that clarity and mystery can get mixed up…

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