4 things we’re lovin’ in February


It is only the second month into 2017 and we are already highlighting some of the stuff we absolutely love. Maybe it’s the valentine spirit getting to our heads, or the Trump updates are making us go doolally. Whichever it may be, these book marked goodies are too special to keep to ourselves.

So pop the kettle on.

Get comfortable.

And have a flick through our inspiration for the month of February.

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Put time in your calendar for life this January


January Resolutions

Whether you believe in setting new years resolutions, lifetime goals or 24 hour challenges; the one thing we should all dedicate ourselves in doing is putting more time in our calendars for life. 

We all deserve the encouragement of pursuing our goals and striving to success, but maintaining a calm and content mindset is something many of us find quite difficult to achieve with such a busy and distracting timetable.

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“Oh by golly have a holly jolly Christmas this year”

Christmas has become more than simply celebrating the remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ; it is a time of year for everyone in all corners of the world to come together and enjoy the little things we take for granted in our everyday. Stop, smile and enjoy. Whether you decide to celebrate Christmas by visiting church, bringing an evergreen coniferous tree into your home, substituting mulled wine for water throughout December or buying your loved one that pricey gift because you know they deserve it, all of these reasons revolve around the same belief of caring and sharing.

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Paradise in Paraty

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Paraty is a small town about 5 hours south of Rio de Janeiro, famous for its cobbled streets I was looking forward to being in a smaller town and exploring its famous colonial architecture and islands. The town became famous during Brazil's gold rush when it became one of the main export ports of gold travelling to Rio de Janeiro and further. This soon got out of hand as pirates staying on nearby islands intercepted the gold laden boats; thus, a safer inland road was built to Rio. Today the main town is a pedestrianised heritage site popular with travellers and holiday makers alike. The islands and beaches that surround the bay here are beautiful as I found in the coming days.

After an initial wander through its cobbled streets I was in love with Paraty and signed myself up for a boat tour of its islands the following day. Before this though I had to find food, exploring the streets more with one of my fellow roommates we stumbled across a restaurant called Seu Joaquim, and were won over by its patrons charm and musicians mellow music. I decided to be adventurous and order a local fish dish. When it arrived I was surprised to find a plate of rice, grilled fish and what looked to be mashed banana. Not something I'd ever have dreamed of serving warm with fish but to my surprise the soft sweetness really went well with the melt in the mouth fish. I think the banana had been mixed with some potato and spring onion to mellow the flavours a little. After our meal we were treated to a Cachaça, a locally brewed spirit the town is famed for, very tasty and I'm sure the first of many.

I was up bright and early the following morning and excited to see the islands and do some swimming. We stopped at five different bays throughout the day and each was completely different, the first a small beach beneath the holiday residence of a doctor from Sao Paolo, we swam and enjoyed the scenery before heading to a small cove with a beach no more than 2 metres in size. The next stop was one of my favourites, as the skipper pulled snorkel masks from the cupboard we knew we'd be in for a treat but little did we know it wouldn't just be underwater wildlife we'd see. From shoals of fish beneath the surface to lizards, birds and tiny monkeys on the rocks I was enthralled at how all the species coexisted, sharing the bananas and breads being thrown from the boat rather than fighting over them. The monkeys with tiny faces and giant ginger manes were definitely a highlight of this stop. Hopefully I'll see some more throughout my travels.

The next stop was a lunch stop and my new favourite kind of restaurant, a kilo restaurant, it's basically a buffet where they weigh your plate and charge per kilo, pretty great as it means you can eat as little / much as you like and pay based on this, every travellers dream. It can be a bit risky, as with the one I had in Rio, you aren't sure what you're eating but I guess that's all part of the adventure! Our final stop of the day was an amazing looking bay, surrounded by rainforest little did we know in its waters were turtles. After watching them dart about popping up for air every now and again a few of us put back on our snorkel masks and went for a closer look. Hoping even to get the ever amazing turtle selfie! Alas, it wasn't my day, with our friends on the boat shouting 'its behind you' the scene became similar to a pantomime but the little or in some cases not so little guys surprised us with their speed, one kick and they're gone... I did manage to get a picture of one and as we headed back to a Paraty another popped his head up alongside the boat to say farewell; a great end to a day beach hopping!

That night the hostel was doing steak and caipirinha's for dinner so we got involved before setting off to a Samba party we had heard was happening in town. The energy at the party was amazing, varying instruments and voices kept up a fast beat. With drinks flowing and feet moving even faster we tried and failed to keep up with the locals, an amazing night to be part of and apparently it happens every Monday, so if you're ever in Paraty be sure to make it a Monday! The madness much to our dismay was done by 11 when the band and dancers dispersed and started serving soup to everyone in the building. A very strange ritual but the soup was tasty and having made friends with some of the locals they "took the gringos to the bar" and we carried on a bit longer before calling it a night.

I had decided to stop over in São Paolo to break my journey to Florianopolis so spent the following day relaxing at the nearby Praia do Forte and exploring some more of the town before an overnight bus to the metropolis that is Sao Paolo. With this final wander of the town I realised something had changed and some of the streets seemed to be waterlogged yet I wasn't aware of any rainfall. Following the water I found the source to be the Paraty main harbour. It seemed when the tide was in it flowed through inlets in the town walls making the streets nearest the water more like the canals of Venice, and bringing small one clawed crabs who live in the sand between the cobbles out to play!

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Novembers glow of the autumnal lengthened nights

As the month of November delves deeper into the chilly seasons the beautiful landscapes are still filled with oranges and gold from the autumns wonders. Walking over crunchy leaves, picking up the perfectly shaped shiny brown conkers and filling your lungs with the fresh sharp brisk air.

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Novembers glow of the autumnal lengthened nights

This week as the nights draw in and our twilight hours seem ever longer we find ourselves every more awed by the stars above. From the last few nights super moon to the ever visible and reassuring constellations of the stars we have been spotting since our childhood. This autumnal season, before the temperatures drop to freezing each night are perfect for stargazing, for laying back wrapping up and looking towards the ever sparkling skies that envelope our tiny world. Take a moment to stop, look up and truly see. To see that stars develop and twinkle in and out of view as your eyes become accustomed to the stars, planets and galaxies that sweep into view.


We’ve always been fascinated by the stars and lately with the last months increase in meteor showers and super moons we’ve found ourselves with an un-quenchable need to understand more about the skies above. In our research we’ve stumbled across several great resources, from the apps that help us find the best places to see the stars to artworks influenced by our skies; here’s three of our favourites to help you enjoy Novembers twilight hours.

Growing up we relied on books and encyclopaedias to inform us of what we were seeing, often we spent so long searching for the formation in our book that we missed a shooting star or bat flying overhead. But with the Night Sky App we no longer have to miss a thing. Instead we simple take our iPhone or iPad to the garden with us and hold it up to be told exactly what we are seeing. As much as we sometimes love to hate it modern technology can be great! The app also lets us know the upcoming forecast and good local areas to star gaze – why not download it today and see for yourself.

We came across the work of Lia Halloran in a recent Ernest Journal post and could help but share her beautiful prints and interesting interview that was included in their post, we’ve copied a snapshot of the interview below and you can find more in the attached link:

“We associate blueprints with architectural drawings but Los Angeles artist and astrophysics enthusiast Lia Halloran has used the cyanotype technique for her extraordinary series Your Body Is A Space That Sees. Her prints pay long overdue homage to female astronomers – depicting craters, comets, galaxies and constellations. Rosie Gailor talks to Lia Halloran about her stellar work.”

Blueprints of Space

If there’s one thing we can recommend you do this week it’s this, wrap up warm and find a place away from bright lights and look up. See the stars twinkle and fade as you take a moment to discover the stars that fill our skies.

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Novembers glow of the autumnal lengthened nights

This time of year can make us feel nocturnal with the daily commute in darkness and only lunchtime to endeavour the autumnal light. With the dark slinking closer there is still wonders to be found from the birch tree pealing off in crisp to the blackberries staging colourful sideshow; green to red, purple to black. Nature is taking stock for the upcoming winter. Continue reading “CBTHBN | UNEARTH #10”


Spiritual, metaphysical & numerology meanings for the month of October.

We have given you a wide variety of spiritual halloween themed articles for the month of October and we hope you have enjoyed. We thought it would only be right to use our final article, dedicated to this well recognised date October 31st, to bring to light another Halloween treat. So, before you head out trick or treating we have one last thing to show you…
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Spiritual, metaphysical & numerology meanings for the month of October.

Throughout the month of October we have brought you notes all things spiritual, from number meanings and mindfulness to haunted reads and a Halloween special coming next week. This week however, we want to focus on something that is close to our own hearts and affects all of us. This week we would like to talk about being human, a raw instinct that in todays digital world we easily forget.

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