Novembers glow of the autumnal lengthened nights

This week as the nights draw in and our twilight hours seem ever longer we find ourselves every more awed by the stars above. From the last few nights super moon to the ever visible and reassuring constellations of the stars we have been spotting since our childhood. This autumnal season, before the temperatures drop to freezing each night are perfect for stargazing, for laying back wrapping up and looking towards the ever sparkling skies that envelope our tiny world. Take a moment to stop, look up and truly see. To see that stars develop and twinkle in and out of view as your eyes become accustomed to the stars, planets and galaxies that sweep into view.


We’ve always been fascinated by the stars and lately with the last months increase in meteor showers and super moons we’ve found ourselves with an un-quenchable need to understand more about the skies above. In our research we’ve stumbled across several great resources, from the apps that help us find the best places to see the stars to artworks influenced by our skies; here’s three of our favourites to help you enjoy Novembers twilight hours.

Growing up we relied on books and encyclopaedias to inform us of what we were seeing, often we spent so long searching for the formation in our book that we missed a shooting star or bat flying overhead. But with the Night Sky App we no longer have to miss a thing. Instead we simple take our iPhone or iPad to the garden with us and hold it up to be told exactly what we are seeing. As much as we sometimes love to hate it modern technology can be great! The app also lets us know the upcoming forecast and good local areas to star gaze – why not download it today and see for yourself.

We came across the work of Lia Halloran in a recent Ernest Journal post and could help but share her beautiful prints and interesting interview that was included in their post, we’ve copied a snapshot of the interview below and you can find more in the attached link:

“We associate blueprints with architectural drawings but Los Angeles artist and astrophysics enthusiast Lia Halloran has used the cyanotype technique for her extraordinary series Your Body Is A Space That Sees. Her prints pay long overdue homage to female astronomers – depicting craters, comets, galaxies and constellations. Rosie Gailor talks to Lia Halloran about her stellar work.”

Blueprints of Space

If there’s one thing we can recommend you do this week it’s this, wrap up warm and find a place away from bright lights and look up. See the stars twinkle and fade as you take a moment to discover the stars that fill our skies.

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Spiritual, metaphysical & numerology meanings for the month of October.

Throughout the month of October we have brought you notes all things spiritual, from number meanings and mindfulness to haunted reads and a Halloween special coming next week. This week however, we want to focus on something that is close to our own hearts and affects all of us. This week we would like to talk about being human, a raw instinct that in todays digital world we easily forget.

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Spiritual, metaphysical & numerology meanings for the month of October.

As you may have guessed, our Spiritual theme for the month of October isn’t going to be based purely around horror stories. This week we focus on Spirituality. When defined “Spirituality is a broad concept with room for many perspectives. In general, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it typically involves a search for meaning in life. As such, it is a universal human experience — something that touches us all.” At CBTHBN we have been looking into the personal aspects of spirituality rather than religious ones. How can we achieve the sense of connection the above definition talks of? We believe spirituality is about gaining the ability to pause life and focus; about making the opportunity to spend a portion of time daily / weekly simply being. Here’s how we’ve found our inner focus…


For many meditation seems like a bogus idea, something for hippies, we have to hold out hands up and agree that until recently we hadn’t given it much credit either. But with the increase in popularity and media around applications such as ‘Headspace’ and ‘Pause’ we decided maybe it was time to take a closer look. Surprisingly we found both applications beneficial to our minds, in different ways. Pause enables you to clear your mind without focusing on anything in particular. You can set the time you wish to Pause for and your off, following a mesmerising blob around your smartphones screen as it grows to engulf all of your minds worries. 

Headspace on the other hand is more focused, reminding you daily to ‘Get some Headspace’ and waking you step by step through different meditations. You can choose the generic Headspace path or select a themed on meditation, from relationships to anxiety.

If you’re not keen on spending 15 minutes of your day sat still perhaps Yogaia is for you. A simple smartphone app that enables you to attend a Yoga class of any length at any time of day. Some sessions are free and others paid, you can even join live sessions and turn your webcam on to receive tuition from the Yogi teaching the class. We love that you can pick the length of the class to based on how much time you have rather than having to commit to an hour long session at a much greater cost. Recently we’ve been doing 15 minutes at the start and end of each day, mixing in meditations with neck and back focused sessions or ones to hone our abs. There’s a session for everyone so why not give it a go. 


“Science has empirically shown that sitting still, or meditation, can lead not just to better health or to clearer thinking, but even to emotional intelligence”

We’ve been meditating and ‘yogaiaing’ for two weeks now and have been amazed in how our minds have been able to clear, sort and reshuffle the usual brain haze that comes from day to day life. If this sounds like your brain or life at the moment why not try one of the above listed applications or perhaps like us all three! Here’s to a month of mindfulness. 

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24hrs without your extended limb, how will you survive?

3 April 1973

The date everything changed; or at least the day a product that would lead to the entire re-aligning of the way we live was launched. That product was the first mobile phone call, made by Martin Cooper on a Motorola handset weighing in at 1.1kg to Dr. Joel S. Engel. Fast forward 43 years and neither of these two trail blazers would recognise or have been able to predict quite how much mobiles phones would alter the way we function. Continue reading “#PHONELESSTUESDAY”


Let’s celebrate Organic September!

As #OrganicSeptember draws to an end we are looking back on a month of Unearthed knowledge. From eating local to organic cotton and understanding where our food comes from. #OrganicSeptember has taught us many things whilst also widening our appreciation and tastes for fresh produce. One thing we’ve loved this month is the different shapes and sizes our organic fruit have come in. Continue reading “CBTHBN | UNEARTH #4”


Let’s celebrate Organic September!

We are now half way through organic September and have learnt so much about living and eating organically in our first of our new #UNEARTH series. From eating local to how to wash our denim one thing we have realised is how easy it is to make the change and go organic.

With evidence of global warming becoming more and more apparent this week we’d like to share with you a TED video that really pinpoints the issue with our consumerist nature. Continue reading “CBTHBN | UNEARTH #3”

How do you decide when the time is right to go?

“Wanderlust, a strong desire to travel”

Wanderlust, that elusive feeling, a hunger or irrational urge to pack your bags and go. Some people call it itchy feet others call it running from reality; whatever you call it we all feel it. The triggers can be anything, from Instagram envy to Facebook travel tales or David Attenborough’s latest show. Travel is something personal, it holds a different meaning to each of us, one mans heaven is another mans hell. But how do we decide when the time is right to go?

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