4 things we’re lovin’ in February


It is only the second month into 2017 and we are already highlighting some of the stuff we absolutely love. Maybe it’s the valentine spirit getting to our heads, or the Trump updates are making us go doolally. Whichever it may be, these book marked goodies are too special to keep to ourselves.

So pop the kettle on.

Get comfortable.

And have a flick through our inspiration for the month of February.

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All time favourite ‘Dark Side of the Lens’ by Mickey Smith. This beautiful film will give you the motivation to achieve your most possible. Mickey has directed 6 online films for Asics, which he also composed and performed the music on each. Directed 5 promos for Ben Howard and made this critically acclaimed short film we have shared with you today.

This lad has lived a life a little less ordinary. Growing up amongst family of fisherman and mariners so the ocean was inevitably the place that was close to his heart.


… how to use Medium in the best possible way to improve your social account — starting with the Publication tool. We have recently learnt a new skill that the wonderful platform of Medium has to offer. So what exactly is it’s purpose? 

We understand that Medium is used for writers of all kinds and is also used as a social platform, much like Facebook and Twitter. But could you describe it somewhat of a publisher? With it growing at a rapid speed each day, choosing a stand out theme is step one. The next steps are as follows:

  • What do you want to gain from this publication?
  • What do you want your readers to get from reading it?
  • Name 1 thing that makes your publication different to any other…

This useful tools may not give you the answers to life, but it’s a great place to start. Keep your eyes pealed over the next few months whilst we begin brainstorming for our own.


This colourful and wide-ranging DJ has done it again. Blowing yet another album out of the park with not only great music, but also striking artwork by photographer Neil Krug. Marking Bonobo’s 6th album, the inspiration came from his move to California and traveling around the world. Migration uses the same found-sound percussion as on The North Borders, but here the drums land with a lifeless plop, like stones into wet clay.


From Bristol to the Welsh hills of Carmarthenshire. Tom Frost, Illustrator and Print-maker has a set up his own print studio at his beautiful farm house in a little Welsh town. With his distinctive style and impressive prints, Tom has wowed a whole audience including Somet cider fan’s with his Perry’s bottle wrappers.


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